Savings On Investa; How Does It works?

My father used to say “There are 3 rules of money Make money legally.Keep your money.Multiply your money. gives you the chance to do all three but I want to focus on rule 2 which is keeping/Saving your money. If you really want to be financially free, then you need to learn to save your money, no matter how small. What is is an app/platform that helps you keep/save your money, no matter how small you think that money is. With, there is no limit to how much you want to save. We believe in the principle of a little drop of water makes an ocean. You can save your money over a period of time and your savings accumulate interest which ranges from 10 – 45% depending on the duration of your savings. You might say “But I have a savings account with bank XYZ or I already use app ABC” Yes, but how many times have you gone to withdraw your money because you feel like getting something? is designed to help you learn financial discipline as you can only withdraw your money on your chosen date. Withdrawal outside that date will attract a penalty of 4% and you will also lose…

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What you need to know about the Finance bill 2019 just signed into law.

Recently, the Finance bill was signed into law & some parts entails that 'Without your Tax Identification Number, you can't operate your individual bank account' Note: This rule applies to new and existing bank accounts TIN is free! To register/verify your Tax identification Number, head over to your date of birthSelect your search criteria [Options are BVN/NIN/CAC No, Tax Identification number, Registered No]If you selected option BVN or phone number, type itClick on the Captcha and search You should get the following information; TIN, Taxpayer's Name, Tax payer phone no, Taxpayer Authority etc. Note that you can forward your generated information directly to your mail. Other details of the bill as it relates to businesses are: Small businesses with turnover less than N25 million to be exempted from Company Income Tax(CIT), this means if your company makes less than 20 million in Sales in a year, no company income tax would be paid.A lower CIT of 20% to apply to medium-sized companies with turnover between N25M and N100M. What this means is that if a business makes between 25 million and 100 million in a year, such a company will pay 20% CIT instead of 30%.Banks to compulsory request for Tax Identification Number before opening a corporate business…

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