How Shares works

What is a share?

In a simple term, a share is just a fraction or percentage of ownership of a company or a financial asset.

Anyone who holds shares of any company is known as a shareholder.

How Does Investing in Shares Works

Investing in shares means buying, keeping, and selling the shares in order to make money.

You buy the shares when it’s at a low price, keep for a period, and resell when it’s a high value or price.

How Do You Earn From Shares

There are two ways you can earn or make money from shares.

  1. If the company grows and becomes more valuable, then the share also increases in value, hence your shares are worth more, then you can sell part of the share to gain some money.

2. Some companies pay you a part of the company’s profit each year, this is called DIVIDENDS

Why Should You Invest On Shares? shares were before now sold at N10 per share but a few weeks ago, the demand for our shares significantly increased, this is due to the increase in various investments being carried out by the company.

Most of our investment gives a 20% return on investment, as a result of this our dividend for our shareholders increased.

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