How To Achieve Your 2021 Financial Goals

Understand your essential expenses

When creating your financial plan for the year, the first thing you need how much you spend on essential expenses each month. These are recurring expenses like rent, car payments, utilities, food, electricity, insurance, etc.

Once you understand how much you spend each month on essentials, you’ll know how much is left over for other things like discretionary purchases, savings, and investments.

Track Your Spending

Next, you need to keep track of your spending to understand exactly where your money is going. This is very important because if you don’t track where you are spending your money then you might spend considerably more than you are earning.

Set a Savings Goal

Decide how much you would like to save by the end of 2021. Then figure out how much you would need to put into savings each month to reach your goal.

Don’t worry if you can’t reach your savings goal with the amount of income that you currently have coming in. That’s not the point. The objective here is to understand what your savings goal should be so that you can make a plan to achieve it.

Create an Investment Goal

While tracking your expenses and building your savings is a great start, the best time to start thinking about your financial future is right NOW.

The role of investment to financial success cannot be over emphasis.  Investment vehicles will help you build wealth for the future.

The particular investments you choose are completely up to you. However, setting aside a specific amount each month that you can invest is a smart move.

Decide how much you want to invest this year and calculate how much you would need to set aside each month to reach your investment goals.

Good news is that gives a wide range of investment options from business funding, agro-investment and the recent investment in tech.

All these investments give you at least 20% return on your investment and are highly secured investment.

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Make a Spending Wishlist

Believe it or not, financial planning can be fun!

Want to go on your dream vacation eight months from now? Great! Figure out how much it will cost and how much you would need to put away each month to make it happen.

When making your spending wishlist, don’t limit yourself to things that “seem reasonable” for your current income level. Allow yourself to dream big. Once you know what you want, you can create a plan to fund your goals. has a goal savings feature that helps you plan for future expenses, set up your goal, set your savings plan (daily, weekly or monthly), then your withdrawal date. This helps you keep track of your goal.

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Create a Plan to Fund Your Goals

Tally up the amount that you will need to fund your financial goals for 2021. Then divide that number by twelve. This is the amount you will need to earn each month to reach your financial goals for the year.

In all likelihood, you may not be earning enough income right now to fund all of your financial goals fully. That’s good! The purpose of creating goals is to give you a target to work toward.

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