Save Your Funds Against Devaluation Of Naira By Saving In Dollars.

Imagine you had N200,000 saved in your bank account in 2005, that means it was worth $1,092.9 at the exchange rate of N183/1$

The same N200,000 is now worth $525.8 at an exchange rate of N380/$.

This is about 51.97% loss in value.

But imagine you had saved that N200,000 in dollars back then in 2005, you would have over N26 Million(N381/$) right now.

The American dollar is the strongest and most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

One of the most important steps to financial freedom is to preserve the value of your funds while you save.

Our mission at is to give you the power to manage your finance and also gain financial freedom with ease.

Saving your funds in dollars in Nigeria isn’t cheap nor easily accessible.

With this, introduces dollar savings option, this will help you save your funds against devaluation.

How do I start saving in dollars?

1. Log in to your dashboard.

2. Click on flash savings.

3. Select your preferred savings options(Just save/Goal Save).

4. Select the frequency of savings.

5. Select the time of the day when you want the funds to be deducted from your account into your savings wallet.

6. Select the dollar savings options.

7, Input amount deducted periodically.

8. The select savings duration

9. Finally click on save to save your chosen options.

The funds will be deducted from your chosen account, then saved into your dollar wallet using the current exchange rate.

Do I get interest on my dollar savings?

Yes, you get up to 20% interest on your dollar savings depending on the duration of your savings.

The good part is your get a fraction of your interest every week. Thursday to be precise.

How Do I Withdraw Your dollar Funds?

This is easy, you can withdraw in Naira or dollar depending on your choice..

Withdrawing in Naira will be at the current rate at the time of withdrawal.      

Want to start saving against inflation?

Download the application, log in to your dashboard to start saving. or chat with admin on WhatsApp using the link below.       

Note: This is currently only available on android and IOS, web version update is coming soon.       

P:S Read about our withdrawal policy in the link below

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