One of the aims of is to get our users to be disciplined
with their savings culture. As you know that having money in your
personal bank account is now the same with having the cash with you. With your ATM card, USSD access, POS usage you can spend frivolously without any form of caution and before you know it you don’t have any savings left for important future needs.

To enforce this discipline we have set the following date as the yearly withdrawal dates without charges:

30th March (30/3)
30th June (30/6)
30th September (30/9)
20th December (20/9)

In case of Flash Savings, you are at liberty to choose your own withdrawal dates. Meanwhile in case of emergencies, you are at liberty to withdraw any of your savings at any time, such withdrawals attract 4% charges and N50 CBN charges per withdrawal.

You earn 10% interest on all your savings annually and it is paid weekly to your wallets.

Please do not hesitate to always reach out to us for further clarifications.

Keep saving and keep investing.

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