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On December 18 2019, we had our first outreach walk at computer village Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. Through this post, we’ll explain everything we learnt about our outreach walks at Ikeja.

Why we decided to go for the outreach walk. poster

Since launched in September, we have used a number of inbound methods in the process of users acquisition, but we’ve always wondered, how to also infuse a form of outbound methods to capitalize on the current wins we currently have on the inbound aspect, we settled for a couple of methods for the first time. After going through a number of outbound methods, we settled for the outreach walk, Why? you might ask, well the outreach walk had certain advantages we wanted to try out, the walk had two major goals:

Goal One: Educate everyday people at Ikeja about the numerous ways they can save, invest and grow their money through various features on the platform.

Goal Two: To have a one on one session with various merchants at computer village (biggest technology market in Nigeria), introducing them to the advantages of using the Cooperative/Thrift savings feature on and our how to apply for loans on the platform.

Preparations for the walk. walk outreach

While preparing for the day, we had two major considerations, these were: what are the requirements to get access to this market and roam about with our gospel of savings and investments without any interruption from people with vested interest.

Secondly, how do we take our chances with the multitude of people coming of people rushing in and out of Ikeja without getting the “All Na Scam look”, well answering both questions were harder than we thought.

How? you might ask once more, well computer village is a very busy market, and if you visit there regularly, there’s a possibility you’ve experienced the rowdiness associated with the market.
In order to have a peaceful walk, we had to visit the council associated with matters concerning publicity and outreach walks, one thing we noted was the fact that every brand planning on running a campaign such as ours had a token to pay, again there was a schedule for brands and brands were supposed to stick to their allotted timing.

Paying the token solved the problem of disturbance and thugs tax as is the tradition in Lagos, secondly we were still stuck with the problem of passing on our message and getting more users, although we followed the principle of using flyers, it is a norm for people to dispose the flyers as soon as they collect it. So we decided to have talks with individuals willing to listen, attach certain incentives to accounts created on the spot and do the evergreen marketing format of following up the customers and getting their attention fully on the product.

The Walk. walk outreach

The D day December 18, 2019, finally arrived and we moved from our office at Adeniyi Jones Ikeja to the streets of computer village, converging at the bridge right opposite computer village, we looked into our mode of operation and divided ourselves into group, nobody was left aside on this glorious day, the Software team, Financial team, and Marketing team were all present. At this point, we all became evangelists of this good news called:

The sun didn’t help matters as it displayed its prowess on this very good day, but the team followed through with the motto we were all familiar with, which reads “under the sun or in the rain”.

Outcome walk outreach

It took a while to convince a lot of people, but it turned that having the right words might be enough to get people on your side, in fact, all you have to do is change your tone based on the personal characteristics that you see.

We also had a swirl time in explaining our model to various groups of people who were hyped about the product, many of the merchants in couldn’t resist the number of features the platform offered.

With both tactics employed effectively, we reached more people than we thought possible, in fact, we had a total of 921 signups with 673 of those users still very active on the site right now. walk outreach

Lessons Learnt

A deeper look into the nature of savings and investments among Nigerians is quite dismissive, this is because many have this belief that people who really save and invest are under a particular class, this is one thing we noted during our walk as many of the commuters said things like, ” How much I go save sef” or ” Na big man dey invest”, it took a lot of convincing to get these set of people to register on the platform.

A lot of Nigerian still don’t understand how fintech works. It is no news that a ton of people don’t grasp the nature of saving directly from an app without going to bank, in fact since the exit of MMM the view of this omnipresent present app that deals with things like savings and getting more interest after a while feels a bit cringe-worthy to Nigerians, although it might seem a lot of people already know how to use these apps, we must still understand that a lot of Nigerians don’t get the logic behind it.

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