N1,000 Worth of investment, What you need to know.

N1,000 Worth of investment, What you need to know.

Investa.ng: Nigeria’s first digital cooperative for mutual savings and investment, recently introduced the N1,000 worth of investment to all new signed up customers and existing non active customers.

This is an incentive to encourage new sign ups on the platform and also help reactivate existing inactive users on the platform.

The N1,000 is immediately added to your fund wallet of new active signed up customers or an existing customer w activate the account by simply adding your card and choosing any available package on the platform.

The N1,000 investments will be invested on our 12month investment plan that provides a 25% return on investment.

The fund and its profit can be withdrawn after the maturity date of 12 months.

There are certain conditions attached to the withdrawal of the funds and it’s profit

  1. You must subscribe to any of our package on the platform.
  2. The account must be active all-round the year with either savings, investment.
  3. You must have joined and become an active member of the cooperative

Kindly visit www.investa.ng to get started.

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