Savings On Investa; How Does It works?

Savings On Investa; How Does It works?

My father used to say “There are 3 rules of money

  1. Make money legally.
  2. Keep your money.
  3. Multiply your money. gives you the chance to do all three but I want to focus on rule 2 which is keeping/Saving your money.

If you really want to be financially free, then you need to learn to save your money, no matter how small.

What is is an app/platform that helps you keep/save your money, no matter how small you think that money is.

With, there is no limit to how much you want to save.

We believe in the principle of a little drop of water makes an ocean.

You can save your money over a period of time and your savings accumulate interest which ranges from 10 – 45% depending on the duration of your savings.

You might say “But I have a savings account with bank XYZ or I already use app ABC”

Yes, but how many times have you gone to withdraw your money because you feel like getting something? is designed to help you learn financial discipline as you can only withdraw your money on your chosen date.

Withdrawal outside that date will attract a penalty of 4% and you will also lose all the accumulated interest.

Another reason is better is that you get your interest every week, Thursdays to be precise.

Before I continue, kindly click on the link to start saving on

With, no maintenance charges, no SMS charges.

Like I said earlier, is set up to help imbibe savings culture, so you can always set what date and the time your savings should be deducted from your account before expenses sets in.

Lastly, does any bank give you an investment fund when you open an account?

Absolute NO.

But gives you instant N1,000 investment fund when you sign and activate your account.

What are you waiting for?

Visit to start saving and begin your journey to financial freedom.

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