What Percentage Of Your Financial Goal Have You Achieved?

Year 2020 started as normal,

You made your new year resolutions and i’m sure you also set financial target too

You planned how much you want to earn

How much you want to invest

And how much you want to save.

Then suddenly the corona virus came and everything changed.

But the truth is people are still smashing their financial goals

The corona virus shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to achieve your financial freedom

At investa.ng cooperative, we are dedicated to helping our members achieve their financial goal to attain financial freedom.  

If you are still behind in your financial goal for the year 2020,

It’s never too late to get started,

Visit www.investa.ng to get started

With investa.ng, we will help you achieve your financial goal.

Investa.ng: NIgeria’s First Digital Cooperative for Mutual savings and investments.

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